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A English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary (Version: 2002-5-26)

Aarons, Hughes Ruth || (USA) 1936 and 1937 World Champion (Women’s single)

accuracy | 准确(性)| n.

ace | 发球得分 | n.

adjust | 调整 | v.

advantage | 优势 | n.

aggressive | 具有进攻性的 | a.

agile | 灵活的 | a.

agility | 灵活(性) | n.

all-out | 全攻型的 | a. an all-out hitter

all-round | 全能的,技术全面的 | a. It’s good to have an all-round game and play all the strokes properly. ||

American grip (See Seemiller grip) np.

An | 安宰亨 (韩国选手) | (KOR) ?

angle (closed angle; open angle) | 角度(合角/朝下,仰角/朝上) | n.

anti- (anti-topspin; anti-loop) | 防 (上旋,弧旋,旋转) | pref.

anti-doping | 反兴奋剂的 | a. the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) | 世界反兴奋组织 | Anti-doping code | 反兴奋剂条例 |

antispin | 防转胶皮 | n. an inverted rubber sheet that’s very slick, so spin doesn’t take on it. It usually has a dead sponge underneath. It’s mostly used for defensive shots. Also known as anti.

arc | 弧线 | n.

arm | 手臂 | n. upper arm | 大/上臂 |

assessment | 评估 | n.

attack | 进攻 | v. a devastating ~ (?)

attack after serve | 发抢(发球抢攻的缩略)|

attack on serve | 接发抢 (接发球抢攻的缩略)|

attacker | 攻击型选手, 进攻方 | n.

AUT | 奥地利 | Austria

B English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

back | 背 | n.

back | 后面的 | a.

backhand | 反手 | n. A shot done with the racket to the left of the left elbow for a right-hander, the reverse for a left-hander.

Backhand backside drive / loop

backing | 抵, 顶 | n.

backspin | 下旋, 下转 | n. A type of spin used mostly on defensive shots. When you chop the ball, you produce backspin. The bottom of the ball will move away from you. This is also called chop or underspin.

backward | 向后 | adv.

badge | 胸徽,袖徽等标牌 | n.

balance | 平衡 | n. a good ~ of speed and spin

ball | 球 | n.

band | 带子,套子 | n. head ~ 额带,wrist ~ 护腕

Barna, Victor || (HUN) 1930, 1932, 1933, 1933 and 1935 World Champion (Men’s single)

barrier | 球挡 | n.

bat | 球拍 | n.

bat | 球拍 | n.

be down | 落后 | v.

beat | 打败 | v.

BEL | 比利时 | Belgium

Bengtsson (Stellan Bengtsson) | 本格森 (瑞典) | (SWE)1971 World Champion

bent | 弯曲 | v.

Bergmann, Richard || (AUT) 1937, (ENG) 1939, 1948 and 1950 World Champion (Men’s single)

best four (of seven) | 七局四胜制 | np.

best three (of five) | 五局三胜制 | np.

best two (of three) | 三局两胜制 | np.

blade | (乒乓球)底板 | n. The racket, usually without covering. | 无覆盖物的球拍 | shakehand ~ | 横握式底板 | penhold ~ | 直握式底板 | Japanese penhold ~ | 日本式直握底板 | Japanese hinoki single ply ~ | 日本式桧木地板 | Carbon ~ | 碳精/素底板 | arylate ~ | 芳基纤维底板 | titantium ~ | 钛底板 | offensive ~ | 进攻型底板 | defensive ~ | 防守型底板 | allround ~ | 全面型底板 |

block | 挡球, 推挡 | v. n. A quick, off the bounce return of an aggressive drive done by holding the racket in the ball’s path.

blocker | 推挡型选手 |

BLR | 白俄罗斯 | Byelorussia

Boll | 波尔 (德国选手) | (GER)

bounce | 弹,跳 | v. n.

break | 打破,破坏 | v. to break the looper’s rhythm ||

brush | 摩擦 | v. n.

bucket | 球筐 | n. a ~ of balls for multi-ball practice

C English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

calves | |

Cao Yanhua | 曹燕华(中国选手)| (CHN) 1983 and 1985 World Champion (Women’s single)

captain | 队长 | n.

center line | 中线 | np.

change line | 变线 |

cheerleader | 啦啦队长 | n.

chest | 胸 | n.

Chiang Peng Lung | 蒋澎龙 (台北选手) | (TPE)

Chiu Chung-hui | 邱钟惠(中国选手)| (CHN) 1961 World Champion (Women’s single)

CHN | 中国 | China

chop | 削球 | v. n. A defensive return of a drive with backspin, usually done from well away from the table. (see backspin)

chop block | 下旋推挡 | np. A block where the racket is chopped down at contact to create backspin.

chopper | 削球选手 | n. A of play where chopping is the primary shot.

Chuang Tse-tung | 庄则栋 (中国选手)| (CHN) 1961, 1963 and 1965 World Champion (Men’s single)

closed | (球拍)前倾, (球拍)下压 | a.

closed racket | 前倾的/下压的球拍,压拍型 | np. Racket position in which the hitting surface is aimed downward, with the top edge leaning away from you. [参看open racket |亮拍型|]

coach | 教练 | n.

comeback | 追上, 扳回 | n.

concentration | 注意力集中 | n.

confidence | 自信 | n.

consistency | 稳定(性)| n.

consistent | 始终的 | a.

consistently | 始终地 | a.

consolation singles | 安慰赛单打| np.

constantly | 不停地 | a.

contact | 接触 | v. n.

control | 控制 | v. n. receive control (接发球控制)

Corbillon (Cup) | 考比伦 (杯) (女子团体冠军)| n.

corner | 角落 | n.

counter-attack | 反攻 | n.

counterdrive | 反攻, 对攻 | v. n A drive made against a drive. Some players specialize in counterdriving.

counter-loop | 反拉弧旋,反拉 | v. n. To loop a loop. (see loop)

countersmash | 反攻, 对攻 | v. n. To smash a smash. (see smash)

court | 比赛赛区 | n.

CRE | 希腊 | Greece

CRO | 克罗地亚 | Croatia

crosscourt | 球台对角的 | a. A ball that is hit diagonally from corner to corner. ||

crossover | 交叉步 | n. A of footwork for covering the wide forehand.

crucial | 关键的 | a.

cut | 削球 | v. n.

D English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

Dawei ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals 2001 or 2001 Dawei ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals | 大维2001 国际乒联职业巡回总决赛 |

dead | 不转球? | n. A ball with no spin.

deep (See long) | 长球 | a. 1. A ball that bounces on the opponent’s side of the table very close to the endline. 2. A serve or push that would not bounce twice on the opponent’s side of the table (if given the chance)

default | 失去比赛资格 | Being disqualified from a match for any reason.

defeat | 打败 | v.

defender | 防守方, 防守型运动员 | n.

defensive | 防守的 | a.

delegation | 代表团 | n.

Deng Yaping | 邓亚萍(中国选手)| (CHN) 1991, 1995 and 1997 World Champion (Women’s single)

Depetrisova, Vlasta || (TCH) 1939 World Champion (Women’s single)

deuce | 局点前的最后平局,如20平,10平 | n.

diagonal | 斜线的 | a.

diagonally | 斜线地 | adv.

die out | (旋转)消失 | vp.

direction | 方向 | n.

disguise | 装作,假装 | v.n.

disputed edge ball, a | 有争议的擦边球 | np.

double | 连击 | n.

double bounce | 两跳 | np. A ball that hits the same side of the table twice. The person on that side loses the point.

doubles | 双打 | n.

down | 下, 落后 | adv. prep. a.

down the line | 直线 | np. A ball that is hit along one side of the table.

draw | 抽签 | n.

drive | 攻球 | v. n.

drop shot | 吊球,近网短球 | np. Putting the ball so short that the opponent has trouble reaching it. Done when the opponent is away from the table.

dump shot | 勉强的球 | np. All hitters must accept the fact that sometimes you must go for a dump shot to make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to smash. (Larry, 1993: 119)

E English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

early (stage) | 上升期 | a. n.

Eguchi, Fujie || (JPN) 1957 World Champion (Women’s single)

elbow | 肘部 | n.

endline | 底线 | n.

ENG | 英格兰 | England

erratic | 无规律的 | a. an ~ shot || However, his backhand seemed more erratic, and he began to make mistake from both wings.

error | 错误 | n.

even up | 打平 | vp.

exert the authority | 执法, 行使职权 | vp.

expedite system / rule | 超时轮换发球制 / 规则 | np. If a game has continued for 15 minutes without the game ending, the expedite rule takes effect. A point is awarded to the receiver who returns 13 consecutive shots after expedite has been called. Players alternate serves after expedite has been called.

explosive | 爆发的 | a. ~ power ||

F English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

Farkas, Gizella || (HUN) 1947, 1948 abd 1949 World Champion (Women’s single)

fast | 快 | a.

fast-paced | 节奏快的 | a.

feed | 喂球 | v.

feeder | 喂球者,陪练者 | n.

final | 决赛 | n.

finalist | 参加决赛的选手 | n.

fish | 放高球 | v (See lobber)

flat | 平球,不转的球 | n. A ball that has no spin, usually traveling fast. The ball hits the racket straight on, at a perpendicular angle, e.g. a flat shot ||

flexibility | 灵活(性)| n,

flight | (球的)飞行 | n.

flip | (台内)挑攻,旋转球拍 | v. n. An aggressive topspin return of a ball that lands near the net (a short ball). To move in twists and turns

float | 漂,浮 | a. backspin is usually float

follow-through | 手臂击球后的惯性动作 | n. It is the natural progression of the racket forward and up after a stroke

follow-up | 跟进球 | n.

foot | 脚 | n.

footwork (forward, backward, side-to-side) | 步法 | n. How a person moves to make a shot.

forearm | 前臂 | n.

forehand | 正手 | n. Any shot done with the racket to the right of the elbow for a right-hander, to the left for a left-hander.

forward | 向前 | adv.

FRA || France

free hand | 非执拍手 | np. The hand not holding the racket.

front | 前面的 | a.

Fukazu, Naoko || (JPN) 1965 World Champion (Women’s single)

G English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

Gaiten, Jean-Philippe | 盖亭 (法国选手) | (FRA) 1993 World Champion

game | (比赛) 局 | n.

game point | 局点 | np.

Ge Xinai | 葛新爱(中国选手)| (CHN) 1979 World Champion (Women’s single)

GER | 德国 | Germany

get in | 上前, 上手 | v.

glue | 胶水 | n.

graze | 摩擦 | v.

grazing | 摩擦的 | a.

grip | 执拍法 | n. pen grip ||, pendulum serve grip || (Larry, 1993: 109)

grippy | 粘球的 | a. grippy inverted rubber

groove | 适应,顺手 | n. fig. If a hitter gets into a groove, the game’s over.

Guo Yuehua | 郭跃华(中国选手)| (CHN) 1981 and 1983 World Champion (Men’s single)

gym | 体育馆 | n.

H English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

hand (right hand; left hand) | 手 | n.

handicap events | 残疾人比赛 / 赛事? | np. A tournament event where points are spotted to make the match even.

handle | 球拍的柄 | n. straight (ST) | 直柄 | flare (FL) | 收腰柄 | anatomic (AN) | 葫芦柄 | conical | 锥形柄 |

hanger | ? | n.

hard rubber | 光胶皮球拍 | np. A type of racket covering with pips-out rubber but no sponge underneath. It was the most common covering for many years until the development of sponge rubber but is now rarely used.

Hasegawa, Nobuhiko | (日本选手) | (JPN) 1967 World Champion (Men’s single)

He Zhili | 何智丽(中国选手)| (CHN) 1987 World Champion (Women’s single)

Hidden serve | 遮掩式发球 | n

high | 高的 | a.

high kicking loop | 高吊弧旋 | np.

high toss serve | 高抛发球 | n. A serve where the ball is thrown high into the air. This increases both spin and deception.

hip | 臀 | n.

hip | 臀部 | n.

His En-ting | 郗恩廷(中国选手)| (CHN) 1975 World Champion (Men’s single)

hit | 击球 | v.

hitter | 击球方,攻击型选手 | n. A of play where hitting is the primary shot.

Hu Yu-lan | 胡玉兰(中国选手)| (CHN) 1973 World Champion (Women’s single)

HUN | 匈牙利 | Hungary

Hyun Jung hwa || (KOR) 1993 World Champion (Women’s single)

I English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

incoming | 来/到的 | a.

index finger | 食指 | np.

intimidated | 战战兢兢的,畏畏缩缩的 | a.

inverted racket | 反胶球拍 | np.

inverted sponge | 反胶 | np. The most common racket covering. It consists of a sheet of pimpled rubber on top of a layer of sponge. The pips point inward, toward the sponge, so the surface is smooth. This is the opposite of pips-out sponge, where the pips point outward, away from the sponge.

ISR | 以色列 | Israel

ITA | 意大利 | Italia

Itoh (Shigeo Itoh) | 伊藤 (日本选手)| 1969 World Champion

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federal) | 国际乒联 (国际乒乓球联合会) | The governing body for world table tennis.

J English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

Jacobi, Roland || (HUN) 1926 World Champion (Men’s single)

Jiang Jialiang | 江嘉良 (中国选手)| (CHN)1985 and 1987 World Champion

Jonyer (Istvan Jonyer) | 约尼尔(瑞典选手)| (SWE) 1975 World Champion

Joo Se-Hyok | 朱思赫 (韩国选手) | (KOR)

JPN | 日本 | Japan

judge | 判断 | v.

judgment | 判断 | n.

Jung Kuo-tuan | 容国团(中国选手)| (CHN) 1959 World Champion (Men’s single)

junk player | 怪球手 | np. A player who uses an unusual racket covering, usually long pips or antispin.

K English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

Karlsson | 卡尔松 (瑞典选手) | (SWE)

Keen Trinto | 凯恩 (荷兰选手) | (NED)

keep | 保持 | v.

Kettnerova, Marie || (TCH) 1933 and 1935 World Champion (Women’s single)

kill off | 扣失 | But Kim Taek Soo kills Liu Guozheng’s serve off. | 但是金泽洙扣杀刘国正的发球失误 |

kill shot | 扣杀球 | np. (see smash)

Kim Hyon Hui | 金英姬 (朝鲜选手)| (PRK)

Kim Hyong Mi | 金香美 (朝鲜选手)| (PRK)

Kim Taek Soo | 金泽洙 (韩国选手) | (KOR)

Klampar (Tibor Klampar) | 克兰帕尔(波兰选手) | (POL)

knee | 膝 | n.

knife grip (See western grip) | 横拍握法 | np.

knock acock | 打败 | vp.

Kohno, Mitsuru | (日本选手) | (JPN) 1977 World Champion (Men’s single)

Kolar, Stanislav || (TCH) 1936 World Champion (Men’s single)

Kong Linghui || (CHN) gold titleholder of the Olympics, the World Championships, the World Cup.

KOR | 韩国 | Korea

Korbel | 科贝尔 (德国选手) |

Kowada, Toshiko || (JPN) 1969 World Champion (Women’s single)

L English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

late (stage) | 下降期 | a. n.

Leach, Johnny || (ENG) 1949 and 1951 World Champion (Men’s single)

Lead | 领先 | v. a. In the second game, Persson again has a big ~, this time 17-8 and ties it up at 17 all! Nine in a row! But Persson pulls it out, 22-20.

Lee Eun Sil | 李恩实 (韩国选手) | (KOR)

left-handed | 左手的 | a.

lefthander | 左手运动员 | n.

lefty | 左手选手| n.

leg | 腿 | n.

let | 重发,无效,不算,重新来过 | n. If play is interrupted for any reason during a rally, a let is called and the point does not count.

let serve | 擦网重发 | np. The most common type of let when a serve nicks the net. As with other lets, the serve is taken over again.

light | 轻的,轻微的 | a. light spin

Lin Hui-ching | 林慧卿(中国选手)| (CHN) 1971 World Champion (Women’s single)

line (side line, endline) | 台边 (边线,底线)| n.

lineman | 底线司线员 | n.

little (spin) | 轻微的(旋转)| a.

Liu Guoliang || gold titleholder of the Olympics, the World Championships, the World Cup

loaded | 加转的 | a. A ball with a great deal of spin.

lob | (放/打) 高球 | v. n. A high defensive return of a smash. Usually done with topspin or sidespin.

lobber | 放高球的选手 | n.

long | 长的 | a. See deep.

long pips | 长胶 | np. A type of pips-out rubber where the pips are long and thin and bend on contact with the ball. It returns the ball with whatever spin was on it at contact and is very difficult to play against if you aren’t used to it.

loop (fast loop; slow loop) | (拉)弧旋球(前冲弧旋,高吊弧旋)| v.n. A heavy topspin shot, usually considered the most important shot in the game. Many players either specialize in looping or in handling the loop. The back-of-racket penhold backhand loop (直板反手反面拉,即为直板横拉)

looper | 弧旋球选手 | n. A of play where the primary shot is the loop.

loose | 松的 | a.

lose | 失利, 输 | v.

low | 低的 | a.

low fast loop | 前冲弧旋 | np.

LUX | 卢森堡 | Luxemburg

M English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

match | 比赛 | n. A two or three or three out of five games contest.

match point | 赛点 | np.

Matsuzaki, Kimiyo || (JPN) 1959 and 1963 World Champion (Women’s single)

Mechlovits, Zoltan || (HUN) 1928 World Champion (Men’s single)

medium (pace) | 中等节奏 | a.

Mednyanszky, Maria || (HUN) 1926, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 1931 World Champion (Women’s single)

middle game | 过渡球 |

miss | 漏掉,错过 | v.

mixed doubles | 混合双打 | np.

more (spin) | 加转 | a.

Morisawa, Sachiko || (JPN) 1967 World Champion (Women’s single)

move | 移动,使…移动 | v. n. Move your opponent in and out. ||

multi-ball | 多球 | n.

N English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

neck | 颈 | n.

NED | 荷兰 | Netherlands

net | 球网 | n. the ~ assembly | 网具 | np.

net measurer | 量网器 | np.

nick | 擦,触 | v.

NOR | 挪威 | Norway

no-spin | 不转 | a.

O English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

official | 官员 | n.

offside | 出边线的 | a.

off-the-table | 离台的 | a.

Ogimura, Ichiro || (JPN) 1954 and 1956 World Champion (Men’s single)

Oh Sang Eun | 吴尚垠 (韩国选手) | (KOR)

Okawa, Tomie || (JPN) 1956 World Champion (Women’s single)

oncoming | 过来的(球)| a.

one-sided | 单面的 | a. A one-sided looper rushes all over the court trying to use a forehand. ||

Ono, Seiji | (日本选手) | (JPN) 1979 World Champion (Men’s single)

open | 向上的 | a.

open racket | 拍面向上的球拍,亮拍型 | np. Racket position in which the hitting surface is aimed upward, with the top edge learning toward you. [参看closed racket |压拍型|]

opening | 空档 | n.

opponent | 对手 | n.

P English-Chinese Table Tennis Dictionary

pace | 节奏 | n. slow / medium / fast ~

Pak, Yung sung | 朴英顺? | (PRK) 1977 World Champion (Women’s single)

palm | 掌心 | n.

Park Sang Jun | 朴相俊 (韩国选手) | (KOR)

partner | 双打搭档 |

passive | 消极的 | a.

passively | 消极地 | a.

penhold backside hit | 直板横打 | penhold backside drive / loop / smash etc.

Pen-hold grip | 直握法 | np.

penholder | 直拍选手 | n. A type of grip used mostly by Asians. It gives the best possible forehand but the most awkward backhand of the conventional grips.

Perry, Fred || (ENG) 1929 World Champion (Men’s single)

Persson, Jorgen | 佩尔森 (瑞典选手) | (SWE) 1991 World Champion

pick hitting | 防守中的突击 |

pick-hitting | 挑攻,台内攻球 ?| n.

picky | 挑剔的,讲究的? | a.

pips | 胶粒 | n. The small conical bits of rubber that cover a sheet of table tennis rubber.

pips-out | 正胶 胶粒向外 | a. A type of racket covering. It consists of a sheet of pips-out rubber on top of a layer of sponge. The pips point outward, the opposite of inverted.

placement | 落点 | n. the placement of loops / smash / forehand drive

play | 打,比赛 | n.v. in ~ | 正在比赛中 | play sloppily | 打得稀松 |

player (professional; amateur; Chinese, Swedish, .. | 选手 (专业的,业余的,中国的,瑞典的)| n. a hot player | 兴奋起来的,状态好的选手 | np. A hot/cold ~ | 冷热型选手 | a ‘big match’ player | 大赛型选手 |

playing area, the | 赛区 | np.

playing bag | 运动包 | np.

playing surface, the | 球台台面 | np. The top of the table, including the upper edges.

point | 得分 | n.

POL | 波兰 | Poland

pop up | (球)高了 | vp. to pop a drop shot up | 短球放高了 |

position | 位置 | n. a ready ~ | 准备位置,预备位置 |



2.1.1 table game called the upper surface countertops, should be parallel with the horizontal rectangular, 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters wide, 76 cm high from the ground.

2.1.2 Competition table does not include the vertical surface and the side table.

2.1.3 Competition table can be made of any material, shall have the same flexibility, that is, when the ball from the standard 30 cm height from the surface down to the surface, pops up high should be about 23 cm.

2.1.4 Competition table should be a uniform dark, matt, 2.74 meters along each edge of each table game a 2 cm wide white lines, 1.525 meters along each edge of each table game a 2 cm wide white-line.

2.1.5 Competition table by the end of a line parallel with the vertical ball net is divided into two equal Taiwan, the Taiwan area is the entire area should be a whole.

2.1.6 doubles, the Taiwan District 3 mm wide by a white dividing line, divided into two equal "semi-district." Sideline parallel with the center line, and should be considered as part of the right half.

2.2 ball device

2.2.1 the net installations include the net, rope hanging Network, network - and they will be fixed in the ball part of the platform of tongs

2.2.2 the net to be hoisted in a rope, the two ends of the rope in high-15.25 cm column of vertical network, network, in the outer edge of the outer edge of the left sideline distance of 15.25 centimeters.

2.2.3 the top of the net from the competition table 15.25 cm.

2.2.4 the bottom edge of the net as a whole should be close to the competition table, the ends should be close to the net column.

Ball 2.3

2.3.1 of the ball for ball diameter of 40 mm.

2.3.2--2.7 grams.

2.3.3 Application celluloid ball or similar materials, white or orange, and dull.

2.4.1 racket size, shape and weight limitation. But floor should be smooth and hard.

2.4.2 floor thickness of at least 85% of the natural wood. Strengthening the floor adhesive layer can be used such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, or fiber material compression papers. In addition, each floor adhesive layer does not exceed the total thickness of the bottom 7.5% or 0.35 mm.

2.4.3 used to shoot shots of the field of application of a granular particles ordinary plastic cover, together with adhesives, not more than 2 mm thickness; or particle inward or outward sponge rubber covered with adhesive thickness not more than 4 mm. "ordinary plastic particles" is not a bubble of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, its particles per cm2 must be not less than 10 and not more than 50, the average density distribution of the entire surface. "sponge rubber" in a layer of foam rubber that is covered with a layer of ordinary particles on the rubber, plastic particles the general not more than 2 mm thickness.

2.4.4 cover should cover the entire film surface, but not more than its edge. Bobing some near grip of the bailiff and fingers may be covered, and any materials available coverage.

2.4.5 floor, mezzanine floor of any batting side, as well as to cover any and bonding layer thickness shall be uniform for a whole.

2.4.6 racket regardless of whether there is a double cover, must be dull, and for a bright red, the other black.

2.4.7 due to the accident damage, wear or fade, a shoot-on the integrity and consistency of color there was a slight difference. Did not change significantly as long as the film surface properties, shall be permitted use.

2.4.8 Competition at the beginning and during the race racket athletes need to be replaced, it must demonstrate to the other party and his referees will be used rackets, and allow them to check.

2.5 definition

2.5.1 "rounds": ball game in the state for some time.

2.5.2 "ball game at state," and from a sense of service, not holding the ball geostationary clapped hands in the last moment, to the round was scored or heavy serve.

2.5.3 "re-serve": non-points round.

2.5.4 "points": Round-points.

2.5.5 "They clapped their hands": rackets are holding hands.

2.5.6 "They clapped their hands": not holding the racket hand.

2.5.7 "shot": in the hands of the racket grip or wrist following bailiffs clapped and some ball.

2.5.8 "unstoppable": Since the last shot hit the other side of the Taiwan Area, if the counter or the positive direction of movement of the competition table ball, did not touch on this in the Taiwan area, it does not cross the end line before they hit The athletes, or wearing any of the items.

乒乓球规则 英文对照






1、 发球时,球应放在不持拍手掌上,手掌应静止、张开、伸平、四指并拢,拇指自然张开。

2、 球停留在静止的不持拍手掌上的最后一刻,直到发球时击球,不持拍手和球以及整个球拍,应始终高于球台水平面。

3、 发球员只能手向上抛球,不得使球旋转,使球从手掌向上直抛,至少抛到离不持拍手手掌上16厘米。

4、 当球从抛起的最高点降落时,发球员才能击球,并使球首先触及发球员台区,然后直接越过或绕过球网,触及接球员台区。

5、 在双打中,球应首先触及发球员的右半区,然后直接越过或绕过球网,触及接球员的右半区。